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Use of Head, Electricity, Ports and Hatches

Use of the Head (Toilet)

Marine heads (toilets) are more sensitive and more complicated that land based ‘toilets’. Golden Glow uses fresh water electric flushing heads. Below is the SOP for toilet operation:

  • DO NOT PUT ANYTHING INTO THE HEAD THAT YOU HAVE NOT EATEN FIRST, that includes toilet paper, hair, finger nail clipping, tampons, strings, or even dust.
  • The “fresh water pump” pressure and “electric heads” must be turned on at the electrical panel (outside of the master head)
  • Wet the bowl by pressing the lower left switch showing water going into, but not out of the bowl. For number two it helps to fill the bowl 1/3 fill, prior.
  • Do your business.
  • Once compete press the top flush button until the toilet is empty. Once done, use the lower right button to empty the water out of the bowl.
  • There is a brush for cleaning the bowl if you need to, please rinse the brush to be VERY clean prior to putting the brush back in it’s holder.
  • If you have any questions please ask Ellen or Rand. Fixing toilets is dirty work so please let us help if you’re not certain what to do. Thanks.

Use of Electricity on a Boat

We generate our own electricity on Golden Glow and if the Solar and Wind are not enough we must burn diesel to make more. To minimize the additional burning of fossel fuels we ask that you observe the following to reduce the use of Electricity on Golden Glow:

  • Always turn of lights when not in use.
  • The refrigerator and freezer are normally the largest consumer of electricity on Golden Glow: Minimize the opening of the refrigerator and freezer by: thinking before you open, asking others if they need anything, keeping the refrigerator and freezer organized so it is easier to find what you need.
  • When on passage: dim or sleep navigation equipment when not in use.
  • Charge USB, 12VDC and 110VAC equipment when generator is on.
  • Keep propane off at circuit breaker when not cooking: the solenoid uses electricity when on or off and gets a bit hot.

Use of Ports and Hatches

Ports come in two flavors on Golden Glow, the red fruit juice that is served with cheese and those windows on the side of the hull. This is about the windows. For more on the fruit juice see the Captain.

  1. All ports should be closed while under way (unless very calm and you are actively near them).
  2. The screens MUST be removed prior to closing (unless we are at anchor).
  3. Do not sleep with the ports open over any book shelves, as rain can come hard and sudden and wet books start to smell and rot.
  4. It is important that these are COMPLETELY latched, as waves will drive salt water into Golden Glow when waves hit the sides of the vessel. This means all of the little levers are closed to where they ‘click’.
  5. All hatches forward of the mast should be closed and lock-latched unless in active use.
  6. The vent in the two most forward hatches should be closed and locked when underway. This is done by pulling the bottom of the hatch white tab and twisting closed.
  7. The hatch closest to the mast should have the vent open to help cool the batteries stored there, unless the seas are spraying or breaking over that part of the boat.
  8. The hatches in the Bimini hard top should be closed at night or when raining to keep the cockpit dry. These can be open for breeze when not raining.
  9. The hatch over the master berth can be left ajar if the Bimini is up on the starboard side so the helmsman can contact a sleeping Captain 😉
  10. The rear hatches into the rear berths should only be open when someone is in the berth. These hatches can allow water into the bed if it rains and therefore should be closed and locked when no one is on-board or present in the berth.
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